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tv   Consider This  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2014 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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"america tonight." >> the u.s. scrambles to broker a zeal between israel and hamas. also increasing violence in ukraine as two military jets are shot down. hello i'm antonio mora, welcome to "consider this," those stories and much more straight ahead. prohibition against any u.s. carriers flying into or out of tel aviv. a bloody day in gaza.
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>> the u.s. raises the possibility of war crime. >> john kerry says he is making progress in trying to broker a ceasefire. >> violence has intensified. >> they are sifting through rubble again in ukraine. >> two ukrainian fighter jets were shot down. >> allegedly bipro-russian rebels. >> there is still investigation of flight 17. >> the plane cockpit sliced open. >> these russian separatists would not be doing what they're doing without the support of president putin and the russians. >> the government is observing a national day of mourning. >> what to do with tens of thousands of undocumented children. >> i'd like to act. we've got a humanitarian crisis on the poured and it has to be dealt with. >> they could pass immigration reform in two minutes and it's done.
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>> professional sports, superstar tony dungee -- >> if he were still coaching he would not have drafted michael sam. >> we begin with attempts to reach full ceasefire in middle east that seems to be going incorporate. hamas rejected the idea, the israelis are considering expanding their operation to destroy all of hamas's underground tunnels. nonetheless, secretary kerry remained hopeful that a truce is possible. >> i can tell you in the last 24 hours made some progress in moving towards that goal. >> the cost to both sides are mounting. more than 700 palestinians have been killed. thousands more have been injured in gaza where 120,000 people have reportedly become refugees
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in their own land. israel took a big hit when a hamas rocket made its way through the iron dome defense system and landed in the airport on tuesday, leading more than 30 airlines to stop flying to tel aviv, a big blow to israel's already strained economy. and the death toll for israeli soldiers reached 32. the top united nations official condemned both hamas and israel saying they had both likely committed war crimes. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon called the situation impossible. >> every hour at least one child has been killed during last two days. >> for more let's go to gaza and al jazeera correspondent nick schifrin. nick, good to see you. hamas leader haled mashal says no more ceasefire until
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the blockade is lifted. and israel wants the situation to continue until the hamas tunnels are destroyed. >> does not believe that a permanent ceasefire is possible at least with the kind of violence that's happening now simply because a permanent ceasefire takes days to negotiate, will be complicated and no one wants to see the level of killed and injured to be increased. what is interesting is it is timed to a notion by israeli officials that that's how long they need in order to finish job, quote unquote, in order to destroy all these tunnels that fighters in gaza use to sneak into israel. so that is what u.s. officials are working on sometime before the weekend, some kind of pause,
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a humanitarian ceasefire for 1-2-3 four dot five days. antonio it is the larger issues to only actually create some real sense of peace here that's longer for example than the last peace that existed which was only about a year and a half ago since the last conflict here. >> right, and in that context if a ceasefire, temporary or permanent, manages to get through and be arranged, one of the questions is, you know, in the aftermath of those ceasefires in the past, what is to stop hamas to break that ceasefire once the ink has dried and the rest of us have stopped paying attention? >> yeah, well that is actually exactly what people here are saying, that why should hamas agree to any kind of ceasefire when really nothing kept israel from not changing the borders.
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not opening some of the siege. those are the two things that hamas has been expecting that the palestinians in gaza has been hoping for in the last year and a half and israel has promised to some extent. what is happening behind the scenes is secretary of state john kerry, officials from turkey and officials from qatar and officials from egypt are trying to convince hamas that yes this will be different, we will hold israel to promises, what is happening at the rafah border crossing, a two hour drive or so a lifting of the siege and ability to move materials and people across the israel-gaza border. none of that israel has agreed to right now so israel needs to move toward that agreement or consider those things that hamas is asking, if hamas is expected to agree to this ceasefire and everyone needs to convince hamas that the promises that were made last time will actually be kept this time.
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>> so many issues and in the meantime, people keep dying. al jazeera correspondent nick schifrin thank you. joining us from doha, qatar, is are osama qatan. secretary of state john kerry is on the ground trying to get an israeli ceasefire. he, we will not agree to a ceasefire and then negotiate, we reject that. he wants israel to stop military action on gaza and an end to the blockades that have been imposed by israel on gaza. with the amount of suffering the palestinian people have endured why not stop the fighting first and then figure out how things can be improved? >> thank you for this question because i believe secretary kerry understands more than anyone else that the israelis
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will not apply any conditions and they will do nothing if they felt that no one is making any pressure on them. look, what they have done, in the peace process. they undermine the peace process. they destroy the two-state solution and regardless to all the efforts which was done by john kerry, they destroyed completely and there is no are chances now for the peace on the base of two-state solution. this is what we are saying. we need to have a complete agreement on all the points. we can't just accept that the israelis have the right to bomb the palestinian people, to kill and murder them, and then they can go without any kind of payment. because of that, brother haid michael suggest that secretary kerry can visit, see how the situation on the ground is part of the war against gaza.
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if you want to make any further war against gaza, you have to make a complete end for war and for the bombing and the siege on gaza and all of the military actions from the israeli side and this will create stability if it happened like this. >> but in the meantime, hundreds of people are dying, thousands are being injured. secretary kerry said the u.s. was prepared to address the reconstruction of gaza and the political demands of the palestinians who live there but he says the ceasefire needs to be concluded first. now hamas has a military disagreement with fatah. does he represent israeli position in this process? >> first i have to say, the people being murdered they are our families, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, women and children. nobody has to say palestinians
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are being killed because we know what it means, the murder of our own people. yk when he says he is ready to apply the palestinian needs it is good but we need guarantees. there was no guarantees till now. he doesn't give any guarantees when he met today president mahmoud abbas he didn't give any guarantees. we insist now all the palestinians are insisting to have a lift of the siege an gaza, to stop the israeli attack on gaza, to have garnlts that both the -- guarantees that both the siege will be lift and no further fire. part of the palestinian mechanisms for making a decision but the political decision is made through the leadership of the plo, the temporarily the leadership of the plo formed after the reconciliation and this leadership is supposed to be part of the negotiations. and now we have talked to the
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president on the basis of the palestinian agreement and he agrees on that. and i think he presented that to secretary kerry and we are hoping to hear a positive answer from kerry and he can also have a positive answer from the israeli side. >> i want to play for you the words of a palestinian woman that got very upset. >> egypt, saudi arabia they are all abandoning us. >> what do you say to her? in past conflicts you are getting far less support from arab leaders. >> well, her words are clear. she didn't ask hamas to support because hamas is supporting here on the ground. she didn't talk about hamas because she knows what hamas is doing for her and her own people and for the palestinians in gaza.
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how hasms are protect -- how hamas is protecting and trying to protect the palestinian people. she was asking for who they did nothing for them. she was to protect the palestinians. i can't say nothing, i can say just only i support what she is saying. we need, we need to deal with what is happening, on a new base. not only the needs of israel. we have to have an answer, as palestinians, what about our needs? our security? our life, our protect? those are the big -- our protection, those are the big questions that are supposed ton answer. not just the safety of israel, israel is violating every disagreement. israel is threatening the palestinian life. if the ceasefire and the lift of the siege can be the first step to make an end of the occupation
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that will be a good step. >> but of course the israelis will say the problems will be the rockets that go into israel and hasn't stopped. unemployment. more than a third of the people there live in poverty. this war is tremendously expensive. hamas has obviously spent a lot of money on rockets and on building those tunnels. materials that could have gone into helping schools and helping people. many have suggested that hamas has gone to war on purpose to hide its own failings in governing gaza. >> there is an important image must be seen. the schools which is destroyed, hamas, most of them, the mosque which has destroyed hamas built most of them. the houses most of them were rebuilt by hamas after the 2008 war against gaza. so this part of what hamas is it.
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there is only a concentration on how we are trying to protect our own people. why there is no big question, about the israelis using their weapons against the palestinians, using their rockets to destroy the palestinian life, killing women and children. >> we will ask that question. >> what is the real story, what is the real story of the three settlers who disappeared and then found killed? no one knows who did that. i think netanyahu created that, he faked that what hitler done in the second world war. he created and faked the story that he invaded -- >> he said that the three boys that are killed, that the three teenagers that are killed that that was a fake story? >> well, no one claimed any responsibility of the palestinians, netanyahu gave no evidence that the palestinians were behind that. he said they were severed and killed, and i challenged him that one palestinian was behind that.
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so the story is an israeli story. we are not buying this story. this story has been created just to invade gaza and to destroy the life of the palestinian people. the big question is supposed to be what about making an end for the occupation, why not ending this occupation? instead of asking the palestinians why they are resisting, go to the end point, go directly to the big question, why there is no end for the occupation. although we have hundreds of resolutions by the united nations. >> it's terribly sad to see how much civilian suffering there is and all these deaths. sr. spokesman for hamas, thank us. >> thank you. >> ambassador alon pinkus was the foreign policy advisory for former ehud barak. ambassador good to have you back on the show.
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secretary of state john kerry as you know is there working on a humanitarian ceasefire but hamas has already rejected that. israeli leaders have said they will not stop until all of hamas's tunnels into israel are found and destroyed. are these talks going anywhere? >> good to be with you again antonio. ceasefire negotiations are by definition lengthy processes especially when those who took upon themselves to mediate and to bring the two sides into some understandings or a set of principles those both america and u.s. and egypt, do not i repeat do not antonio do not necessarily have a vested interest in an immediate ceasefire. i know this is somewhat heretic to say, but both egypt and gordon and even the palestinian
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authority have an interest of seeing hamas defeated militarily in a resounding and unequivocal way. so this ceasefire talks may continue for a week or ten days. there will not be any immediate results. >> if that's case we're seeing terrible suffering in gaza among civilians. the united nations high commissioner for human rights on wednesday condemned hamas's actions but also corn demed israel saying this: >> on 25th of july shells hit the al axa hospital in dier el bala killing at least three people and wounding dozens of others including doctors. these are just a few instances where there seems to be a strong possibility that international humanitarian law has been violated in a manner that could amount to war crimes.
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>> now, prime minister netanyahu called those crimes a travesty, nearly 700 dead, thousands injured in gaza again most of them civilians, aren't hamas actions disproportionate and causing undue suffering? >> the fact that israel's military actions are causing suffering is beyond doubt. 75% of civilians dead or injured is an indisputable fact, but it is a fact. it is also a fact that hamas is launching rockets deliberately from within population centers, from within balconies from schools two of which belong to the u.n. by the way, the u.n.rwa organization, and hamas is in
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fact, antonio, using civilians and children as human shields. israel, i think, has been, in terms of the proportionality of the response, given over 1700 rockets, 1,700 rockets have been lobbed into israel from a very short distance. from across the hudson river to new york city, or given distance and the number of rockets, israel's action has been measured. that said and established, yes, we concede that there has been tremendous and horrible suffering in gaza. and yes, we admit that albeit, although we are trying all our best, israel is trying all its best to prevent civilian casualties, to prevent that horrible term called collateral damage, a tear, terrible term, even with all the
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efforts and attempts to avoid that, there has been civilians tragedies insnricted on the palestine -- inflicted on the mlbians. there is no question about that. >> i can only imagine what it's like to have rockets shot at you from a short distance. but reports from the israel defense forces say that israel has had more than 3,000 air strikes in gaza in the two weeks of conflict. as you said these are very small areas, we are talking about an area about half the size of new york city getting more than 200 bombs dropped on it every day. >> that's correct. the numbers are correct. again, i'm sorry to sound sort of laboratory or simulation game when human life is not only endangered but human life is taken. but these are precise munitions. munitions. there is a tremendous effort
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being done, not to hit civilian neighborhoods, not to hit civilian gatherings or concentrations of civilians. i doubt by the way, i doubt, that if the u.s. or britain or germany, not to mention russia, were hit by over 1700 rockets in their major cities, i doubt that their response, those countries that i mentioned and many more, i doubt that their response would have been as measured and as restrained as israel's is. >> the conflict is also starting to strain israel's economy. finance minister have said the first ten days of the conflict have caused israel $585 million. tourism is a big part of the israel economy. the faa banning flights into tel aviv for if second straight day, i've been in jerusalem and see
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how the tourist areas become ghost towns and hamas is claiming this as a victory. >> the fact that the israeli economy is taking a price -- paying a price, the toll exacted on israel is significant. all hamas have achieved is self-inflicted tragedy and torment on their own people. you know if hamas wants to call it a victory that's fine. i look at the history of hamas, and what it has done for the palestinian people, i look at the various spokespeople speak egg from fancy ritzy ditsy hotels in qatar, this shouldn't happen. the palestinian people deserve better than hamas, they instrumental do. >> ambassador, thank you. >> thank you toinlt.
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>> now from some other stories from around the world. $we begin in nigeria where two bombings believed to have been carried out by boko haram killed at least 41 on wednesday, and the death toll is expected to rise. the suicide attack may have targeted a popular cleric who was about to lead prayer services. and targeted mohamedu bohari. neither was killed. next we go to iraq whose parliament is struggling to form a new unity government. a government with broader support is urgently needed to fight the advance of islamic state militants. late tuesday night an islamic
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state contingent attack killed over 30 people. and that followed another attack killing 27 people. a taiwan ease plane was trying to land during a thunderstorm on the tail end of typhoon matmo. according to taiwan civic aeronautics administration, the weather was bad enough that the pilot attempted to land two previous times, and that set two buildings on the ground afire. the american ambassador to the osce joinlsce joins us on te investigation into the downed mh 17. why the house and senate are at arms with our social media producer, hermela aregawi is tracking the top stories. what's trending
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hermella? >> aids workers and activists are mourning their colleagues. mh 17 is getting a lot of attention online i'll tell you more coming up. and while you're watching let us know what you think. join the conversation on twitter @ajconsiderthis. and on our facebook and google plus pages. >> al jazeera america presents >> i'm a big girl now. i know what i want, i know what i have to do to get it. >> 15 stories one incredible journey edge of eighteen coming september only on al jazeera america real reporting that brings you the world. >> this is a pretty dangerous trip. >> security in beirut is tight. >> more reporters. >> they don't have the resources to take the fight to al shabaab. >> more bureaus, more stories. >> this is where the typhoon came ashore. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. >> al jazeera, nairobi. >> on the turkey-syria border.
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>> venezuela. >> beijing. >> kabul. >> hong kong. >> ukraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america.
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so we're all set? yyyup. with xfinity internet your family can use all their devices at once. works anywhere in the house. even in the garage. max what's going on? we're doing a tech startup. we're streamlining an algorithm. what's grandpa doing? hi... sssh, grandpa you don't want to be an intern forever. sorry dad, we have to get back to work, we have a deadline. we're going public! [cheering] the fastest in-home wifi for your entire family. the x-1 entertainment operating system. only from xfinity. >> fighting intensified in ukraine wednesday and the netherlands observed a national day of mourning as the first of the 298 victims of malaysia flight 17 were returned to the country they'd flown from six days ago. while dutch leaders paid their
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respects at a military airport where 40 coffins were unloaded thousands of people gatheron road sides to mark -- on roadsides to mark the passing. ukraines claim the missiles were flown from russian territory. the first international investigators confirm finding puncture wounds on the fuselage consistent with a missile strike. control of a buk, returning it to russia. according to alex cortokowski, "i knew a buk came from luhansk, it was removed in order to belie its presence. which has been working at
1:29 am
the crash site aand throughout ukraine, ambassador good to have you back with us. the dutch safety board said today that investigators still don't have safe access to the crash site but an osce official has been quoted saying, there at the crash site there is now unfettered access. what can you tell us? >> the osce special monitoring mission which has been on the ground and present every day since the crash happened, they reported that access has grown incrementally step by step each day. there are few restrictions remaining to their access to the crash site. however in order for the investigation to go forward, the osce is not an aeronautical safety or criminal investigating body it is just a monitoring mission. the investigative experts, the remaining remains recovery
1:30 am
experts need to have safe and secure access. one of the things that is a priority in the days ahead is to cordon off the site properly and make sure the people that need to do the work there have safe and secure access. obviously there has been adulteration of the site. walking on the wreckage, a lot of the person belongings of the passengers have been taken away and we don't know where. there is report of the wreckage itself having been cut in half and otherwise moved or damaged. and so obviously the site has been adulterated. >> the mission has said, the rebels considered moving the wreckage to confuses investigators. as you said. there are reports that these parts of the plane were hacked
1:31 am
away by diesel powered saws so how badly do you think the evidence has been tainted? >> well i think there's no question, there's been significant tampering with the scene. that's unfortunately, obviously every day counts in a situation like this and you want the scene as much intact exactly as it happened. as possible for investigators to be able to do their work. that said, i imagine there is still -- i'm not an expert in this but there is still wreck afnlg on the scene and i imagine -- wreckage on the scene and i imagine investigators will do as best they can with the wreckage, getting them to the scene safely and securely as possible. >> as if things couldn't get more complicated, two ukrainian military jets were shot down not far from where flight 17 crashed. the attacks came from the russian side of the border, can
1:32 am
there be that intense an investigation if that kind of warfare is going on all around? >> all the international community has called for an investigation. there was a u.n. council declaration, there was calling for safe and secure access for international investigators. so we are looking primarily to russia to use its influence over these armed separatists to ensure that international investigators get the safe and secure access that they need to do the work. >> a pro-russian militia leader told investigators that they had a missile launcher like the buk, could have been sent back to russia to remove proof its existence. does the osce have any doubt it has been shot down by a pro-russian group of?
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>> the osce doesn't make judgment about the cause of what they're seeing at the crash site. they do report on what they're seeing at the crash site. they report on the molestation of the crash site, et cetera. all of the evidence that we have points to the fact that the plane was shot down. we believe by an sa-11 missile, a buk missile launched from separatist controlled territory. so you know, the narrative that we're seeing coming out from that separatist commander is consistent with -- is possible with the evidence that we've seen so far. >> and the american ambassador to ukraine, jeffrey. iatt, has said on wednesday russia has not cut back on its flow of weapons to the ukraine, is that what the osce believes too? >> because of the separatist fighting it is very difficult to get monitors safely, these are
1:34 am
unarmed monitors that the osce has safely into the borders where they would see these flows. regrettably, we know that russia has been passing not only sophisticated weaponry across the border but has set up training for these separatists. and regrettably, we have seen no evidence that russia has ceased arming, sending weapons across the border into ukraine. >> whether harsher sanction he are placed on russia if it doesn't deescalate and stop separatists. thank you for joining us. time to find out what's trending on the web. >> antonio, we know there were at least six activists and aids workers on that are flight 17. katy
1:35 am
perry's unconditionally, was screened at the aids conference. it's accompanied by the hashtag, "show your love to fight discrimination against those living with hiv/aids." last year one-third of hiv infections were among people 15 to 23 years old. each year children under 15 were infected with the virus, 19 million of the 35 million people living with hiv today don't know they have the virus. however, a lot of progress has been made when it comes to education and prevention, in u.s., the number diagnosed with hiv has dropped 33% in the last decade. but for one group, it's not all good news. the
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population among bisexual , and gay men it has double. >> thank you, hermella. different ways in handling the humanitarian crisis. the last season of the homeland tv series, why venezuela is kicking the swatters out. >> cornell university president david skorton >> is a college education worth the price? >> discusses the purpose of college >> students allow yourself to dream... it's very, very, important >> and his post university plans >> the intersection of the sciences and the arts was very attractive to me... >> every saturday join us for exclusive, revealing, and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time.
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>> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy, let the journalists live. >> the senate and house are considering very different plans
1:39 am
this week for tackling the child migrant crisis on our southwest border. the senate plan offers $2.7 billion mostly to detain, transport and deport migrants and care for minor children. but it rejects a 2008 law that would speed deportations for the children, something house leaders say is essential to any bill's passing. spieker john boehner told reporters he'd like to act. >> we've got a humanitarian crisis on the border and it has to be dealt with. the president clearly isn't going to deal with it on his own even though he has the authority to deal with it on his own. but i do believe that the congress should act and i'm hopeful that we will. >> for more on the migrant issue and the rest of the political news i'm joined from los angeles by al jazeera political leader
1:40 am
mike schorr and by bill schneider. professor at george mason university. bill i'll start with you. senate democrats are asking for 2.7 billion but the president wanted 3.7 billion, the house is only talking about 1.5 billion and they all go on vacation next week. is anything going oget done? >> well, question is are they able to separate the funding from the issue of revising that 2008 law that means that the child migrants have to be treated like refugees and given a hearing in court to see if they should be returned or not. the president's basic point is, do something! this is an urgent crisis. you heard spieker boehner say that, do something and pass some money so we can deal with this right now. >> michael, the senate bill didn't include an amendment that allows the 2008 bill, to allow deportation more easily.
1:41 am
barbara mccullsky says it is a senate bill, doesn't include immigration legislation, without that it will never pass the house. is this political games a chance to tell democrats hispanic base, we tried? >> i don't think so. you can look at everything and say it's political games, bill and senator mccullsky are both right. if they are attempting to, then that would be a successful bill and again getting some money getting some emergency funding, it behooves both sides to do that. so yes is it political games? this is actually what they are supposed to be doing. they are having an argument over how to get the money how to spend the money. some people don't want any money much. this is what the deliberation that goes on in congress. what generally doesn't happen is any kind of legislation or any
1:42 am
kind of bill being passed. that's been a problem with this congress, a hallmark of this congress, and some that have preceded it. they need to concentrate on getting something done and i think they will. >> president obama had sure seemed to be supporting a measure that would allow him to speed deportations. now it looks like he's against that. so what's happening here? is he following lead of the senate caucus? >> well, the democrats have gone in open rebellion against the president and against the republicans, certainly, they are oppose the act, the republicans you just heard boehner say the president should act unilaterally on his own. there is an irony here, the democrats are suing the president because they say he acts unilaterally. speaker boehner said, go ahead mr. president, do something. >> good point he makes there,
1:43 am
the speaker says he can act without congress yet he's suing limb for acting without congress. what account president do? >> listening to john boehner alone. this is what he wanted, tell us what you want and outline that. short of that there president can do some executive actions on this. and you know he, i think, has his legislative staff working very hard in the white house now trying to figure out what that is. he doesn't want to show those cards now, it won't help, you know you have to remember one thing here antonio, if they do leave for summer recess on july 31st without getting anything done many republicans agree it would be on the republican shoulders, because the president did come to them with an outline plan and if they did leave it would seem that the congress did nothing.
1:44 am
>> let's turn to foreign policy bill, you and i have been around for a while, michael is a little younger than we are. i don't remember any time certainly since the cold war ended where there seems to be so much turmoil in so many different places in the world. we're talking ukraine, iraq, iran nuclear problems, chinese expansionism, israel and gaza. the world is on fire. the president has said a world in turmoil demands leadership. the world is wondering where the leadership is. >> we're in a world of complex competition, much more so than during the cold war. look as russia. russia is helping us negotiate with iran over their nuclear weapons program but we're against russia in ukraine. the europeans are with us on imposing sanctions on russia, for most part but not with us on
1:45 am
what israel is doing in gaza. resisting the expansion of the sunni iraqi state but not with us on a number of other issues. it is a very complex world. the problem here is people get very frightened if it looks like the president of the united states, our elected leader, is not able to influence events, is not in control of events. that's a very scary proposition, he has to appear to be in control of events, even though the president of the united states rarely, really some, ever is. the president doesn't give that impression. >> the complexities in these areas are beyond comprehension of most people. we are six years into the president's term, many feel he is not doing well on foreign policy , john mccain said he has failed the leadership test. is that fair?
1:46 am
is. when you hear the people speak 2-1, you can't argue with that. but this is a different term of leadership, coming off of decisive almost knee jerk leadership, after the george bush administration. at the same time, they have to assuage all of europe, on their position in israel, what's going on in gaza right now. so as bill alluded to this is a very difficult balancing act where outright leadership and what we're accustomed to before is very different now and this is also a very deliberative leader this president and deliberative leaders don't seem like leaders. that's where he runs up against a little bit of trouble with the american people. it remains to be seen how his leadership will be remembered, it is a different kind of leadership and one that makes some americans feel a little
1:47 am
cold. >> it seems he goes off on fundraising trips, in the middle of these crises, is that a fair criticism? >> i believe it is. held hostage in the white house powerless unable to do anything but he's got to strike a balance there between being deliberative as michael said but also not being captured by the crisis and unable to do anything. >> so much going on in the world certainly a difficult time. michael scherr, bill schneider, good to have you. first, venezuela kicks out thousands of squatters out of what's been called the tallest slum in the world. it's an infamous place and we'll >> on al jazeera america presents >> we always have strikes... people should never be allowed... >> what started as a peaceful protest >> police seem to stick to
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the self-defense story >> became a horrific moment in south african history >> i don't think any organization in this country would ever anticipate this type of violence >> what really happened that tragic day? >> it is the time to point finger at those whose fingers pulled the trigger >> al jazeera america presents miners shot down only on al jazeera america >> now available, the new al jazeea america mobile news app. get our exclusive in depth, reporting when you want it. a global perspective wherever you are. the major headlines in context. mashable says... you'll never miss the latest news >> they will continue looking for survivors... >> the potential for energy production is huge... >> no noise, no clutter, just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app, available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now
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>> today's data dive climates what's been called the tallest slum in the world.
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the venezuelaian government is clearing 3,000 squatters from the infamous tower of david in caracas, the 45-story are tower was supposed to be the city 's financial center. but the tower of david, who died that year, was first seen as a symbol of failed venezuelan capitalism and the failures of venezuelan socialism when the late president hugo chavez encouraged squatters to make it home. residents set up an electrical grid, some plumbing, opened stores and made their own economy. they even had their own december 'tis. but with no various, motorcyclists serve as taxis to take people up the first ten stories. residents kept turns, keeping order an cleaning the common
1:51 am
areas. still, the person in charge of redevelopment in caracas says the people can't stay. one of the world's strangest communities will cease to exist. >> israel's invasion of gaza continues tonight. >> we have been hearing a lot of tank shelling coming from where we are, here. >> every single one of these buildings shook violently. >> for continuing coverage of the israeli / palestinian conflict, stay with al jazeera america, your global news leader. >> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story
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the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. >> former nfl coach tony dunge is under fire for saying he would not have drafted michael
1:54 am
sam. joining us now from silver spring maryland, is al jazeera contributor, dave zyron, author of brazil's dance wet devil. dave good to see you as always. steve ballmer of microsoft fame agreed to buy the clippers from sterling for $2 billion, the nba approved the sale, but donald sterling is filing another lawsuit against his wife the nba and against steve ballmer who again was ready to pay $2 billion to the sterlings for the team. it's just a crazy number. donald sterling doesn't know when to quit when he's ahead. >> donald sterling is 83 years old, been involved in five lawsuits over the past three years. this is what donald sterling knows.
1:55 am
he's been a courtroom street fighter since his 20s. 60 years of his life he's been doing this. as he sees it, hey, i paid $3 million down for this guy wanting to pay $2 billion for. i'm not going gently into the night on this one, it's an old expression, you can't take it with you. he doesn't want to go out as a bigot who lost his team. he wants to go out as a rage of fire. >> he's suing donald silver, head of the nba. the owners were ready to vote sterling out of the league a month ago, they cancelled the vote when the sale to ballmer was announced. what does the nba do now that sterling is still holding on? >> they have very little to do at this point. what they want to happen is for the team to just go into the hands of steve ballmer through
1:56 am
donald sterling answer estranged wife shelley. there is no question the nba has the 23 votes needed to remove donald sterling from they're ownership fraternity. the problem, if there are folks like mark cuban who has gone on the record, and other owners who would say, i don't think what donald sterling said was that bad, it sets a scary precedent if our speech our words give the nba the right to take our teams with us. both they are on the right wing and on the political side of the spectrum. wealth-seizing. there are a lot ever nooks and crannies about this. >> doc rivers says he will quit if sterling is part of the team when the season starts. the fans, the sponsors and the team may bown
1:57 am
this. bye-bye, $2 billion, doesn't he realize that that's going to end up destroying his team and certainly its value? >> i think absolutely he realizes it. once again 83 years old, almost his 84th birthday. and it's not just doc rivers, doc rivers would be the first of many players on the clippers who might refuse to play this year. the crazy thing about it in years past that would be lunacy for a player to be in such violation of their contract for a coach to walk away from their team. but adam silver and the rest of the management would have the back of any player who did this. the pressure being on donald sterling to be on his way, which is everyone wants. sterling. if you know anything about his
1:58 am
boiggraphy biography, he does not have any shame. >> former nfl head coach tony dunge has gotten himself into hot water, who said he would not have drafted michael sam. he's been slammed for the comments. does he deserve the criticism he's getting? >> well, there are two ways to look at this. the first reason, thing we have to understand is this is what we call in the sports media business a july story. which is to say, the reason the story has so much heat is because this is that one tinialy in the sports calendar where there's really very, very little for the people to talk about and that's a 24 hour sports beast and that has led to be a snowball effect, then it becomes a bigger story than it would be frankly if it came out in february, march, april.
1:59 am
that being said, we have to understand why it touches people's sensitive points, tony zunge is only the second african american coach, following the nfl afl merger. for years he was passed over because he was different. and the idea that tony dungee would use the same distraction argument, certainly rubs folks a wrong way. he has his own set of defenders in nfl sirnlings and that's led to a debate that's much bigger than it otherwise would have been. >> as always, interesting points. dave ziren. thanks. former nsa security analyst, why we should punish the russian president but not isolate him. and the conversation continues
2:00 am
on our website,, we'll see you next time. next. finally the obama administration's out with new rules for trains carrying oil close to homes and businesses. over. we'll explain. facebook firing on all cylinders with an impressive earnings, we look at the company's dramatic rise. today's farmers work the land. i show you how tomorrow's farmers might work the water. i'm jen rogers in from ali velshi